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Have you ever thought you were communicating only to find out others not didn't understand what you said, but they also completely misconstrued what you said? This happens on corporate teams all the time! This book, co-written by 21 experts in the DISC model of human behavior, will help you and your team understand yourself and each other in deeper and more meaningful ways which will lead to a more cohesive team and better productivity. 

Discover Your Team's Potential

SKU: 978-1-7338320-0-7
  • Have you ever wondered why others seem to misunderstand what you stated so clearly? Perhaps you wonder if they just lack the potential that you need to build a winning team. Because surely it’s not you…or is it?


    If you have ever felt like someone else just didn’t “get it” when you communicated what was a very clear message to you, perhaps it was simply that you were speaking in a language that they don’t naturally understand. Different personality types receive and process information differently. Miscommunication is one of the primary causes of stress and dysfunction among teams. For communication to be clear, it must be able to be understood by the entire group receiving it.


    This is where we come in. In Discover Your Team’s Potential, prepare to learn from an extraordinary group of Human Behavior Consultants who share about the power that comes from understanding the Model of Human Behavior known as DISC. It is far more than simply a personality assessment. It is a practical method for learning how to communicate with your team in the way they process information. In other words, learn to speak the languages they naturally speak. When you learn from the experts who share their insights within this book, you will find that you are prepared to help your personal or professional team crack the communication code and begin realizing its full potential.

    Autographed copies are available upon request. 

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